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Mr Nye Patel, BPharm (Hons) MRPharmS IPresc

We dispense both NHS and Private Prescriptions.  Any warnings or recommendations regarding your medicine will automatically appear on the label.

We have a Private Consultation Room for our patients to talk in confidence and privacy with the pharmacist.

If you are unable to get to your doctor and require a prescription medicine in an emergency, we may be able to help.  We can only do this in genuine emergencies.  And because it cannot be done under the NHS, we have to charge.

We can supply this at NO COST to the client through the NHS, without a doctor's prescription. The client who requires the medicine must present herself to the pharmacist. After a confidential consultation and at the discretion of the pharmacist, the medicine will be offered free of charge.

We now offer a FREE Flu Vaccination Service in our Consultation Room. Please ring for details as conditions apply.

Flu Vaccines can also be given PRIVATELY (not on the NHS). There would be a charge, please ring us for more details.

Weekly/Bi-Weekly compliance aids filled with the appropriate NHS prescribed medicines by your doctor and delivered to your home.

Our pharmacist will always be available to explain and answer any question you may have about your medication.
This service gives you confidence that you are taking your medication correctly.
Please contact us for more information.

Measurement of Height; Weight and Blood Pressure on the premises for £1, with a computer printed report.

Please return all unused medicines to the pharmacy where we will safely dispose of them.  Please DO NOT HOARD MEDICINES - it can be fatal. 

All tablets and capsules are supplied in 'child resistant containers' unless you ask us not to.  This does not mean they are "child proof" - nothing is! 
Your pharmacist will advise you on safe storage of all medicines.  Some people may require special containers to enable them to remember to take their medicines regularly and accurately.  These can be obtained on request.

We have a range of Glucose Meters to suit all patients. There are always special offers on these machines and our trained staff will be happy to discuss your individual requirement.

We stock a range of products for patients with diabetes.
We are also happy to accept requests for special orders.

The Paterson Heath Pharmacy blood glucose meter calibration service, is a new and innovative aid for our diabetic patients.

Our staff have received comprehensive training and are able to calibrate a variety of models. Making sure that your blood glucose meter is working properly is essential for patients with diabetes, so why not come along and let us give your meter a free "MOT".

We can quickly obtain a comprehensive range of these products including pads, mattress covers, sheets, etc. and the pharmacist will offer you confidential advice in any of these areas. 

Home-testing kits can be purchased.  The pharmacist can also advise on fertility testing. 

When we are open there is always a pharmacist to give you advice on treating minor illnesses.  As well as a wide range of well known products.  We can also make up medicines especially for you.  We have a consultation room where you can speak in private and confidence to the pharmacist.

Ask your pharmacist.  You will be taking good advice.

We can advise you on buying and using thermometers and testing kits for home use.  These show when a woman's fertility is at its highest.  Full information on how to use these kits is freely available from the pharmacist.

We can supply a comprehensive range of equipment for use by doctors, nurses and midwives.  Please ask for our catalogue.

We can quickly obtain a wide variety of products such as wheelchairs, commodes, ant-pressure products, toilet, kitchen and eating aids.  All of the equipment is designed to make life easier for the elderly, disabled, or anyone who has difficulty in or around the home.

Please e-mail us for further details.

We carry a wide range of products for domestic use but can also meet requirements for offices, shops and factories.

Your pharmacist can advise on minor complaints and recommend suitable products from our foot care range.

We can supply stockings ordered by your doctor and also many other items not available on the NHS such as support tights.  We also offer a measuring and fitting service.

Full range of strengths and various designs at very affordable prices.

We provide a list of things you may need for your holiday.  These include sun creams, anti-malarial treatments  and remedies for upset stomach and diarrhoea.  Please ask the pharmacist for advice.

Healthcare education and information leaflets are always available. 
Health Advice: 
The pharmacist is available for advice on medicines and minor ailments, in private, if required.

We are also part of the SMOKING CESSATION PROGRAMME funded by the NHS providing FULL SUPPORT in Counselling and advising on the appropriate Nicotine Replacement Product, provided FREE to those receiving free NHS prescriptions. Ring us for more details.

We keep a wide range of well-known counter medicines and vitamins, minerals and tonics.  The pharmacist is available for advice on diet supplements.

Our modern computer allows us to keep records of all your prescriptions dispensed by us.  It automatically alerts us to any problems, which may arise when new medicines are prescribed and allows us to counter prescribe with full assurances on efficacy and safety.  You will receive a card from the pharmacist containing your name, address and personal number.  Please bring this with you when medicines are being dispensed or bought over the counter.

We can collect repeat prescriptions from your doctor's surgery on your behalf. If you are housebound and do not have a carer, we can send your medication via our delivery service. Please contact us for more details. 

We can obtain a comprehensive range and provide a confidential service.  We also supply free disposal bags upon request. 

Although not available on the NHS, your doctor may recommend their purchase for asthma or breathing problems.  We can supply Nebuliser's at very competitive prices. We can also rent and service Nebulisers. We can also advise on the use of inhalers and peak flow meters. 

Our developing and printing service is fast and efficient and of a very high standard.  We operate a quick service, and offer other ancillary photographic services.  We stock a comprehensive range of films, disposable cameras, albums, frames and batteries.

Our other photographic services include reprint, enlargements or Photo gifts. We also offer a half-hour passport photographic service.

If you have an urgent prescription that needs to be dispensed outside our normal hours then contact the Police and they will arrange for a pharmacist to be called out.

We can give a comprehensive pharmaceutical service to residential and nursing homes in the area. This includes delivering medicines and giving advice on using, storing and disposing of them safely.